Monday, May 8, 2017

Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – April 2017

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Our monthly sunrise/sunset tables have been updated.

A few of the samples include:

Another Torontohenge coming up, this time at sunrise, April 19, 6:28 AM

Pedestrians pose for a photo during Manhattan-henge. (Michael Loccisano/Getty)

Torontohenge is the name given for the phenomenon that occurs when the sun rises or sets in line with Toronto's major east-west streets downtown, giving photographers a great opportunity to capture the sun as it perches on the horizon between the canyon walls of buildings on either side of the street…

Don't forget Torontohenge April 19th.

Although 'official' Torontohenge was April 19th, great photo ops for next week or so as sun hovers above Toronto streets after sunrise.

RT @rudydotca: @CorComm @LaurenPelley @ivortossell next Torontohenge is late August... see @SunPosition's

@rudydotca @CorComm @LaurenPelley @ivortossell Although 'official' Torontohenge was last week, great photo ops for next week or so.

The sun/shade animated billboard we designed for FritoLay SunChips was unveiled in Oakland on Earth Day 2008 

In early 2008, we were retained by BBDO (Toronto) to design a solar-powered billboard (actually a shadow-animated billboard) for a Frito-Lay SunChips ad campaign by Juniper Park.  The time-lapse video below shows the Sunchips Solar Billboard which was installed in Oakland California on Earth Day 2008 to mark the opening of the solar-powered SunChips plant in nearby Modesto…

See the time-lapse video of the SunChips solar billboard here

Cheers, Ralph

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