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Sun Glare While Driving – October 2016

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Roundabouts making their way to Ontario but do drivers know how to use them? | via @CityNews

“They’re popular all across Europe and now roundabouts are starting to make their way to Ontario.

The city of Clarington is among a growing number of municipalities adding two-lane roundabouts to their city streets.

“The biggest reason for the roundabouts is safety,” Ron Albright, Clarington’s assistant director of engineering services, explained. “When you have a green light, you’re going at the posted speed, which could be 60 or 80 kilometres an hour. For a roundabout, … essentially you’re slowing down to 20 or 30 kilometres an hour, so even if there is an incident, it’s less severe.”

Three new roundabouts have been installed on Holt Road at Highway 401 in Bowmanville to help keep traffic moving outside the Darlington Nuclear Power Plant.”…

A lot of nuts, bolts, rivets and welds hold a car together, but the least reliable is the nut behind the wheel.

Police: motorcyclist blinded by sun crashes into bicyclist |

“A bicyclist was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington on Tuesday afternoon after he was struck by a motorcyclist who was blinded by the sun, police said.

The motorcyclist, Gary Fleury, 52, of Livermore, was riding a 2007 Harley-Davidson around 3:45 p.m., heading north on Pond Road, when the crash happened, according to Patrol Officer Derek Daley.

A bicyclist, a man whose identity and medical condition were not released by police, was traveling south on Pond Road.

Fleury turned into a residence off Pond Road and hit the bicyclist, whom he said he didn’t see because of sun glare, Daley said.”…

RT @DriveSmartVAU: Traffic deaths have reached 'crisis' level 1.25 million deaths a year globally.

“U.S. traffic deaths jumped 10.4 percent in the first six months of 2016 to a "crisis" level, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on Wednesday.

NHTSA said road deaths in the first half totaled 17,775 and said the number was likely to be higher in the second half due to warmer weather and seasonal driving.”…

"sun glare may have been the reason" >

Daughter witnessed fatal crash in Garfield Heights |

“Tiffany Montgomery's 7-year-old daughter just missed being hit by a car when her mother and 5-year-old sister were fatally struck in a crosswalk in Garfield Heights Saturday.”…

Garfield Heights City Councilman Michael Dudley Sr. said the driver of the car appeared to be distraught and that sun glare may have been the reason for the accident.

"They were crossing in the crosswalk and appeared to have the right of way. The other vehicle stopped coming up on E. 131st, but the other vehicle came out of Rexwood and proceeded to turn. The video looked like there may have been glare by the sun," said Dudley.”…

It's that time of year again, be more careful >

Sun Glare Causes Wreck and Traffic Delays On I-80 | WYO4News

“According to Trooper Duncan with the Wyoming Highway Patrol, law enforcement was alerted to the crash at about 8:02 a.m.

One fully-loaded commercial truck pulling a trailer was traveling slowly—around 30 miles per hour—in the right lane with flashers activated. Another truck came upon the slow traveling truck and was unable to see due to sun glare, causing a rear-end collision.”…

Sun glare prevented driver from seeing buggy >


“State Police in Punxsutawney say a passenger car-slash-horse and buggy accident last Thursday morning in North Mahoning Twp resulted in a 3 week-old-infant being transported to the hospital.

Investigators say the accident happened as 69-yr-old John Polling of Punxy was driving on route 954 North when sun glare prevented him from seeing the horse-and-buggy rig in front of him. Polling hit the back of the buggy, driven by 22-yr-old Ivan Miller of Smicksburg, causing the infant to be ejected from the rig. Another passenger in the buggy, 20-yr-old Sara Miller was not injured.”…

Another car-buggy crash due to sun glare >

State Looking to Increase Slow Moving Vehicle Awareness | Finger Lakes Daily News

“Last month, a Mennonite school teacher was seriously injured when the horse-drawn buggy she was riding in was struck from behind by a car traveling 45 miles per hour on Havens Corners Road in Yates County. The driver of the vehicle told law enforcement he was battling sun glare when he struck the buggy shortly after 7 the morning of September 19th.  Sheriff Ron Spike said they've had several similar accidents within the county this year.”…

> Perhaps avoid driving buggies during first and last hour of daylight. Not likely popular idea, but would save lives.

"can take 6 to 7 seconds to adjust to glare" >

Passenger says sun might have been factor in Monday crash | The Gadsden Times

“A Fort Payne woman was seriously injured in Monday morning’s crash on Meighan Boulevard at Henry Street, and the sun’s glare may have been a contributing factor, based on what a passenger told police.

The woman was driving a Chevrolet Suburban eastbound on Meighan, with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend in the backseat. As they approached the intersection, the boyfriend heard her say, “I might as well be driving blind,” and she flipped the sun visor down. He did not know if the traffic signal was red or green. A few seconds later, the SUV collided with a box truck full of mail that had been traveling north on Henry Street. The truck driver told police the traffic signal turned green and when he pulled out, other vehicles had stopped, but the SUV collided with the truck.”…

“Gadsden Police Sgt. John Hallman said the crash report notes what those involved in the wreck told officers, but no determination has been made about what led to the crash.

Hallman said most people are aware of the potential glare problems on their daily commute.

“You know where the blind spots are,” he said. “When I crest a certain hill on my way to work, especially at this time of year, I’m fighting the glare.”

With the driver in the Monday morning accident being from Fort Payne, there’s no way to know how familiar the route and the effect of the sun would have been to her.

National reports indicate glare can be a prevalent cause of auto accidents, whether from sunlight or the lights of an oncoming vehicle.

According to research reported on, the average middle-aged person’s eyes can take 6 to 7 seconds to adjust to glare from oncoming traffic. At a speed of 40 mph, in 6 to 7 seconds, a driver and vehicle would have traveled between 354 and 414 feet.

That’s a long way to drive blind or seriously impaired.

According to AAA, the sun can hit drivers right in the eyes just after sunrise or before sunset, causing a glare that can make it harder to see the road ahead, or traffic signals and potentials hazards. When sun glare is an issue, AAA recommends slowing down and using extra caution.

AAA offers these tips for motorists when driving into the sun:

• Invest in polarized sunglasses; they can help reduce glare.

• Utilize your sun visor; it can help to block out the sun.

• Leave more following room; when the sun is in your eyes, it can be hard to see what the car ahead is doing. This is one more time when it pays to leave more room between you and the next vehicle.

• Drive with your headlights on to increase your visibility to other drivers

Additional tips:

• Keep your windshield clean, inside and out.

• Check your windshield for pitting and cracks.

• Avoid storing papers or other items on the dashboard.

• If you are having a difficult time seeing the road, use lane markings to help guide you.”

Be extra careful this time of year, another left-turn crash due to sun glare >

Minor injuries reported after four-car accident on Sound Avenue | Riverhead News-Review


“Multiple people were treated for minor injuries following an accident on Sound Avenue Tuesday that involved four vehicles, Riverhead Town police said.

A car headed westbound on Sound Avenue attempted to make a left onto Northville Turnpike but the driver didn’t notice an oncoming car because of the late afternoon sun glare, police said. The cars collided at the intersection and two more vehicles rear-ended the cars, police said.”…

Avoid Crashes This Fall By Following These Safety Tips | Bernard Law Group

…”Another important safety step all drivers should follow during fall to avoid crashes is to avoid sun glare. After the autumnal equinox, the first 15 to 45 minutes after sunrise and before sunset can make it harder for drivers to see what’s ahead, mostly because of the sun glare. Have a good pair of sunglasses at hand for the daytime so the issues associated with sun glare are avoided. The National Weather Service also urges drivers to keep their windshield clean.”…

see more -

Sun glare a factor >

City worker charged in connection with fatal crash in Lethbridge | CTV News

Lethbridge Police

“Lethbridge police have charged a city employee in connection with a crash that claimed the life of a 72-year-old man in November 2015.

At just after 3:30 p.m. on November 13, 2015, emergency crews were called to the scene of a crash in the westbound lanes of Whoop Up Drive near the exit of University Drive.

Upon arrival, they found a Pontiac Montana minivan crashed into the back of a City of Lethbridge case loader that was in the process of removing snow from the road.

The 72-year-old driver of the minivan needed to be extricated from the wreckage and was taken to Chinook Regional Hospital where he later died.

The driver of the case loader was not injured.

Alcohol and speed were ruled out as factors in the crash, but a further investigation found that sun glare, the driving pattern of the loader and a lack of proper safety equipment including signage and a pilot/block vehicle contributed to the crash.

As a result, Lethbridge police have charged Scott Edward Erickson, 31, with one count of dangerous driving causing death.”…

Pedestrians and cyclists, if your shadow points toward oncoming traffic, assume drivers can't see you. Better safe than sorry.

Sheriff's urges driver safety with season change | via @marthaeconway

…”Avoid Sun Glare:

With the end of Daylight Savings Time comes reduced visibility. Even on familiar roads, it is important that you use additional caution and adjust your driving habits to the different morning or late afternoon glare from the sun. It can cause reflections off vehicle windows and hoods and can decrease your visibility considerably.”…

see more -

Sun glare may have played role >

Woman hurt in collision with bus | The Westerly Sun


“A woman was taken to the hospital with injuries and several middle school students got a late start to the day Monday after a Chevy Sonic struck the back of a school bus along Route 3.

Westerly police, fire and ambulance officials were called to the scene just before 7:45 a.m. in the area of 47-49 Ashaway Road. According to a preliminary report, an unidentified woman was traveling north along Route 3 when she struck the bus as it was preparing to stop to pick up a child.”…

…”“We extricated one female passenger who was alert, but appeared to be pretty shaken up,” said Westerly Fire Chief John Mackay. “It appears sun glare may have played a role, but we are still investigating what happened.” “…

Allstate Burbank: Driving Safety Tips for Fall & Winter | Allstate Burbank

…”Sunlight Glare

Days start to become shorter in the fall, and you may find yourself commuting during the sunrise on your way to work and during the sunset on your drive home. The glare from the sun will drastically impair your vision, putting you and other drivers around you in danger. Make sure you own a pair of sunglasses to keep in your car that will protect your eyes from any glare helping your own safety on the highway as well as prevent damage to your eyes. Your commute will also become noticeably darker sooner even before daylight savings time which means your car light’s need to be checked for maintenance and replacements as well.”…

see more -

Leave extra room in sun glare >

1 injured in car versus motorcycle accident | via @TheRecorderNews

“One person was taken to the hospital after a motorcycle rear-ended a car on North Hillside Road Tuesday afternoon.

Deerfield Police Sergeant Harry Ruddock said the accident happened just after 3 p.m., adding that the driver of the motorcycle had minor injuries, and the driver of the car had none.

He said both vehicles were traveling in the same direction down North Hillside Road toward Routes 5 and 10, when the driver of the car was blinded by sun glare, and rapidly slowed down faster than the motorcycle could stop.”…

Sun's Glare Contributes to I-24 Ramp Crash | West Kentucky Star

“A two-vehicle accident on the Exit 11 on-ramp to Interstate 24 was apparently caused by sunlight obscuring the vision of drivers.

A McCracken County Sheriff's Deputy responded to the accident on the eastbound I-24 ramp at Husband Road at 7:15 am, and found that traffic was stopped because the crash had caused a car to catch on fire. The car's driver, 29-year-old Haley Talbert of Paducah, was out of the vehicle and reportedly had only minor injuries. She said she was merging onto the interstate but the sun was in her eyes and she didn't see a pickup truck in front of her that was also merging into the eastbound lane. The driver of the truck, 74-year-old Jerome Weitlauf of Paducah, told deputies he was slow in merging because the sun was in his eyes, and he was struck from behind.”…

We have plane crashes and train wrecks - but car 'accidents'?? Stop using the A-word.

Halloween Safety Tip: Sunset on Oct 31/16 in Barrie is at 6:09 PM.

Motorists should be warned about blinding sun | Lethbridge Herald

“Letter to the Editor

With reference to the traffic fatality on Whoop-Up Drive involving a city snow-removal vehicle.

I was travelling west in the centre lane and passed the accident scene seconds after it happened. At the time, I was facing directly into the sun and my forward vision was completely blinded. I was creeping forward afraid if I stopped, this would cause a chain reaction.

The driver of the other vehicle would also have been blinded by the sun and would have never seen the city tractor nor would he have seen pylons or signs.

Every year on this date the setting sun is perfectly aligned to shine directly into the eyes of motorists travelling up the westside hill.

I would suggest the city make a notation of these dates and place a warning sign ahead of time warning motorists of the possibility of a total blinding situation.

Mel Godlonton


Happy Halloween. Here are some sunset times for tonight. Be seen, be safe.

Cheers, Ralph

Sun/Shade & Urban Development – October 2016

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, and to specific projects with sun/shade issues in particular. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Wow >

Galleria Mall developers file application for 12 residential towers | via @buzzbuzzhome


“About a year after BuzzBuzzNews first reported Freed Developments and Elad Canada purchased the Galleria Mall, a development application for the 12-acre site in west-end Toronto has been filed to the City, the City’s planning department confirms.

Galleria Developments, a joint venture between the two builders, filed the application today, a spokesperson for the developer says in an email.

The application proposes 3,416 residential units across 12 towers — these will also contain office and retail space — ranging from 10 to 42 storeys. Proposed residential space amounts to 222,895 square metres of residential space, BuzzBuzzNews has learned.”…

“Galleria Developments has hired on Hariri Pontarini Architects as the architecture firm for the project.”…

Toronto hospital wins architecture's highest honour | Construction Canada

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare (Photo credit: Tom Arban) (CNW Group/Sinai Health System)

“Bridgepoint Active Healthcare in Toronto recently received the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture, considered to be the highest recognition for architecture in Canada.

Designed by Stantec Architecture, KPMB Architects, HDR Architecture, and Diamond Schmitt Architects, the key principles of design for Bridgepoint include:

  • maximizing natural daylight and views;
  • using natural materials and elements that support individuals as they progress through a gradual rehabilitation process;
  • designing social and dining spaces that encourage interaction, good nutrition, and promote self-efficacy;
  • optimizing the therapeutic benefits of access to nature and landscape; and
  • connecting and integrating the campus with the community.”…

RT Elena Christpoulos ‏@Elenach Yes, all cities do have parking problems. #Amsterdam #dcp #theplansm @santamonicacity @SustainableSM @urb_mag

> Seems to be an epidemic of parking problems in Holland. I took this pic in Assen. @Elenach @urb_mag @santamonicacity @SustainableSM

> Lennart Nout ‏@lennartnout:  @Elenach @AxleRyde @santamonicacity @SustainableSM @urb_mag all *successful* cities have a parking problem :)

> Sacha! ‏@sachalovesyoga:  @Elenach @SaMoCole wowww! I've never seen bike parking like that!

RT SkyriseCities ‏@skyrisecities Concrete Core of Latest @KohnPedersenFox Office Tower in #CanaryWharf Shooting Skywards. #London #RealEstate #Design

Opponents play shadow card >

Neighbors Double Down Against Mission District Affordable Housing | Mission Local

The proposed project at 1296 Shotwell St. Design by Herman Coliver Locus.

“Some of the same neighbors who in May opposed a nine-story, fully affordable housing project coming to Shotwell Street have continued their opposition, saying at a meeting on Wednesday that the building was too tall, too dense, and had too little parking.

“In this neighborhood we only have three stories,” said Lucy, a Shotwell Street neighbor who declined to give her last name. Lucy and seven other people attended a meeting at the Mission Cultural Center to oppose a 94-unit senior housing development coming to 1296 Shotwell St. near Cesar Chavez Street.”…

…” the conversation turned to shadow impact and wind tunnels.

The nearly two-hour meeting saw shadow impact projections, evidence that wind tunnels would not be created, and maps of nearby transit. All were presented in a bid to convince neighbors that the height of the building would contribute neither to the availability of sun, parking congestion, or fierce gusts.

That bid, however, was ultimately unsuccessful, as neighbors reiterated their demand for a “compromise” to allow for some affordable housing, but not nine stories’ worth.”…

New Trackside Center plans drop building from six stories to four | Davis Enterprise @Felicia__A__


“Developers have trimmed down their plans for the proposed Trackside Center, a mixed-use infill project that would sit on Third Street at the edge of downtown.

The revised Trackside Center would see a 48-foot-tall, four-story building with 9,100 square feet of commercial on the bottom floor and 27 apartments on the remaining floors. A 3-foot-tall parapet would make the tallest spot on the building 51 feet from the ground.

By comparison, the original Trackside Center proposed a 78-foot tall, six-story building that would include 9,900 square feet for retail, 48 units and underground parking with 55 spaces.

The latest plans arrive almost one year after residents of the adjacent Old East Davis neighborhood turned out in force at city commission meetings to oppose the building.

The height of the original building fell under the most scrutiny last year, as neighbors said the building would overshadow the “small-town character” of the adjacent one- to two-story bungalows.

Signs protesting the height and potential shadow of the six-story building continue to dot lawns throughout Old East Davis one year later.”… 

5 of our Clients on list. Congrats! >

The top 10 Toronto developments on @BuzzBuzzHome in September 2016

Garrison Point

Garrison Point by Diamondcorp, Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes

minto westside

Minto Westside by Minto

Designing and Simulating Daylight | Construction Canada


“The benefits of daylight are well-documented. For building occupants, it offers a range of positive physiological effects, which, in turn, translates into tangible benefits such as higher productivity, reduced employee sick time, improved employee morale, and lower lighting costs for businesses.

Building occupants, owners, and policy-makers are increasingly aware of these benefits and are asking for buildings to be well-lit by natural light. Daylighting design and simulation is the way to make this happen—to quantifiably understand how light enters a building and to determine how to achieve the project’s daylight goals.

Daylighting is emphasized in green building standards, such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. Daylight targets based on LEED are even being included as requirements for projects not pursuing certification.”…

Urban Cayman‏ @ProjectEND Statistics and new image of 2 Carlton by @ibigroup:

> Kyle Miller ‏@kyleplans: @ProjectEND @ibigroup I don't believe that's a position the sun has ever occupied in the Toronto sky

> Shawn Micallef‏ @shawnmicallef:  @kyleplans @DSGcondos @ibigroup @ProjectEND ask @SunPosition about this

> Well, the sun might be a tad too close to the tower as it appears to be melting. @shawnmicallef @kyleplans @DSGcondos @ibigroup @ProjectEND

RT SkyriseCities ‏@skyrisecities Surpassing the Transamerica Pyramid, @salesforce Tower Becomes San Francisco's Tallest. #RealEstate #Architecture

Artistic depiction Salesforce Tower, San Francisco, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architect

> 61 storeys, 326m tall. That's a massive floor-to-floor height. This 61-storey building is easily equivalent to 100+ storeys.

RT Shawn Micallef ‏@shawnmicallef  Neat condo!

> RT Chris Drew ‏@chrisjamesdrew:  @shawnmicallef has a point tower so the shadow impact will move across adjacent sites quickly :)

> Quite a hefty podium though. @chrisjamesdrew @shawnmicallef

> Apparently you can tell the time from that point tower :) @chrisjamesdrew @shawnmicallef

Height reduction = shadow reduction >

BPDA Approves Twelve Residential Units for 171 Tremont St Boston | Beacon Hill Times

“Late last week, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), formerly the Boston Redevelopment Authority, approved the proposed project slated for 171 Tremont Street, located next to the Boston Common.

This project will include the construction of a 13-story building with 12 residential units, a welcoming lobby, and a public park in the Mason Place pedestrian walkway. This new building will replace the current four-story office building.”…

“Due to local opposition, including to the possible effects the spire might have on shadows on the Common and traffic on the surrounding streets, a decrease in height from 355 to 175 feet including rooftop mechanical equipment has been approved.

Since the project will be built as-of-right dimensions in accordance with the Zoning Code, it will no longer exceed the restrictions of the ‘shadow bank’ created under Chapter 362 of the Acts of 1990, the Public Common Shadow Act.

Because the proposed project is being developed at an as-of-right height, it is no longer required to comply with the Public Commons Shadow Act.

Due to the slim massing form and diminutive floor plate, the resulting new shadows casts by the project continue to be slight and narrow according to the BPDA.

Additionally, the shadow impacts associated with the project have been reduced as a result of the reduction in building height. The most shadow impacts will occur before the noon hour.

The BPDA says these impacts are very small due to the sitting of the building in the path of shadow cast by the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Ritz Carlton Residences at 10 Avery Street.

During the remaining periods, new shadows either fall on the roofs of existing buildings, or within shadows cast by existing buildings. During these periods, no new shadow is cast on sidewalks or public open space.”

Cheers, Ralph

Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – October 2016

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Our monthly sunrise/sunset tables have been updated.

Hope Found For Unrecognized Ancient Malady Affecting Hundreds of Millions Worldwide | PR Newswire

“Hundreds of millions around the world avoid the sun and bright lights due to a condition known as "Photophobia." These people feel lonely, ostracized, ridiculed, and misunderstood by their peers, relatives, and neighbors. They experience many social and emotional ill effects as a result of living in darkness. Today, a new nonprofit organization P.S.A. is championing their cause.”

> A few years ago I designed a new home layout and shade structures for a Client suffering from this (Photophobia)

Looks like he lost the ball in the sun shade transition. But we'll take it. #BlueJays #OurMoment

Hey Toronto, are you ready for Torontohenge?

Torontohenge Tuesday Oct 25, 2016, 6:18 PM. Toronto @glynbowerman @shawnmicallef

> Boris ‏@TorontoBoris:  @shawnmicallef @SunPosition @glynbowerman what do you think is the best streets for it?

> Toronto 's main east-west streets such as Bloor, King, Queen, etc. @shawnmicallef @glynbowerman

> Boris ‏@TorontoBoris: I figured but Im trying to think which 1 woidldnte make for the most dramatic photographic effect

> Pick a spot where the street wall provides a good 'canyon' effect. @TorontoBoris @shawnmicallef @glynbowerman

RT Spacing Radio @SpacingRadio Photographers and sightseers, hit the east/west thoroughfares for a truly spectacular sight! Only comes but twice a year.  (Ed. twice at sunrise, twice at sunset)

Shawn Micallef ‏@shawnmicallef:  Tonight is Torontohenge & currently the sky is clear.

>.@shawnmicallef Fingers crossed. 

Catch a glimpse of Torontohenge tonight at sunset | CP24


“Attention photographers! Tonight is your last chance this year to catch the phenomenon known as Torontohenge.

At sunset, which occurs at 6:18 p.m., the sun will line up perfectly with the city’s east-west streets.”

“The event, which occurs twice a year at sunset and twice a year at sunrise, is a big attraction for photographers.”

Torontohenge – Today's (Ed. Oct 25/16) sunset could be nicest of the year in Toronto | via @blogto


“Toronto's home to some pretty spectacular sunsets. If you live in a west-facing highrise, you probably enjoy spectacular views and colourful skies on the regular. But today, everyone in the city will have a chance experience a marvelous show when the sun starts to go down.

That's because it's time for Torontohenge, (Ed. Thanks for the link to our blog)that time when the sunset aligns perfectly with Toronto's east and west streets. This phenomenon actually occurs a few times per year, but if recent sunsets are any indication, this one could be special.”

Four things to know about Tuesday's Torontohenge | via @torontostar

A cyclist rides into the setting sun and the lens of the camera causes a flare. Tonight's sunset AT 6:18 p.m. will line up almost exactly with major east-west downtown streets such as Queen and Bloor. This sunset happens twice a year. They call it 'Torontohenge' here in T.O.

“When the clock strikes 6:18 p.m. on Tuesday (Ed. Oct 25/16), people will have the chance to watch the sun bathe Toronto’s east and west streets in warm orange and red light as the sun sets. The sunset lines up perfectly with east and west streets just twice a year, and Tuesday is the last chance in 2016 for observers to catch the unique sight.”…

Skygazers take in 'Torontohenge' | Toronto Sun


“Torontohenge came to pass Tuesday, leaving excited photographers and Instagrammers in its wake.

The phenomenon takes place four times a year – twice for sunsets, twice for sunrises - and is a perfect photo-op for a sunset or sunrise aligned along the east-west streets of downtown Toronto.

“For the downtown, where all the tall buildings are and where the streets form canyons with walls on one side, that's where it's most dramatic,” said Ralph Bouwmeester, a civil engineer with a speciality in sun position modelling.

He gave followers a friendly heads-up on Twitter a couple days before Torontohenge came along.

“I usually try to get those dates and times for people, and let them know in advance so that the photographers can get their cameras out,” he said.

If you missed it, there will be other parts of the city where the sun will set directly down other east-west streets that are “aligned slightly differently,” Bouwmeester said, either Wednesday or next month.”

> Thank you @TheTorontoSun for the Torontohenge shout-out. Much appreciated. @MaryamShahLive

DYK: Latest sunrise of the year in Toronto is not in the dead of winter. Because of time change it's on Nov 5/16 at 7:59 AM.

Sunshine causes delay at Heritage Classic | Winnipeg Sun

“A bright and sunny Winnipeg afternoon was perfect for almost everything on Sunday, except for the Heritage Classic start time.

The glare from the sun created unsafe conditions for the players, so the outdoor game at Investors Group Field between the Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers was delayed by nearly two hours.”…

RT @CP24 Walking on sunshine: Idaho company debuts solar sidewalks

What time will it get dark on Halloween? This may help >

Cheers, Ralph

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sun Glare While Driving – September 2016

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Seeing a dog hang out a car window is cute. Jumping out, not so much. Happened right in front of me. Seemed to be OK.

RT Cellino & Barnes @Cellino_Barnes Sun glare may have been a factor in NYC accident where ferry struck kayakers 

This image made from a video provided by WABC-TV shows kayakers being rescued on the Hudson River, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016, on the west side of Manhattan. New York authorities say multiple kayakers were injured when they were hit by a ferry on the river on Tuesday. (WABC-TV via AP)

“Authorities are looking into whether sun glare was a factor in an accident in which a ferry departing a pier slammed into a group of kayakers, critically injuring one and knocking some into the Hudson River.

Ten people in eight kayaks were paddling down the river on Tuesday evening on a sunset excursion when they were struck by a NY Waterway ferry, New York Police Department Inspector David Driscoll said.”…

“Authorities don't know what caused the crash but said they were investigating whether sun glare played a role.

"When you're driving the same thing happens," Driscoll said. "When that sun is low in the sky you get a glare condition, and where you get blinded on the road sometimes the same conditions could exist on the water."”…

Police: Sun glare likely cause for Orange County crash as teenage driver was adjusting visor >

…”A two-car accident on Route 17K in the Town of Montgomery on Monday morning claimed the life of an 87-year-old man. He was identified as George Gisselbrecht of Salisbury Mills, who was a passenger in a car driven by his wife, Mary, 85. She was listed in Critical Condition at Westchester Medical Center.

The accident, just before 6:30 p.m., when a 16-year-old female, driving in the opposite direction near Berea Road, drifted into the opposite lane and crashed into the other vehicle. She was taken to Orange Regional Medical Center in the Town of Wallkill and listed in stable condition.

Police are listing sun glare as likely cause for the crash as the teenage driver was adjusting her visor.”

MidHudson News -

Watch for school buses and excited kids on their way back to school. They will be out during low morning sun.

RT planetizen @planetizen How U.S Road Safety Compares to Other Countries

“The Economist follows on recent news about a jump in traffic fatalities around the United States to offer some international perspective: "By most counts America has the worst road-safety record in the rich world."”…

Inquest hears Westport cyclist's death was instant - Verdict: accidental death | The Mayo News

…“The inquest into his death heard that the driver of the vehicle, Nicola O’Rourke was blinded by the glare of the sun and did not see Mr Walsh before the collision which occurred at approximately 11.30am.”…

“Ms O’Rourke told the inquest she had been travelling from Westport with her son, Oisín, and she remembered taking a bend and being ‘completely blinded by the sun’.”…

“Garda Denis Egan arrived on the scene around 11.57am and noticed a strong glare from the sun. At 12.55pm, Dr Jerry Cowley pronounced Mr Walsh dead.

A test for alcohol that was performed on Ms O’Rourke proved negative.

Audrey Ní Fhearghail, who came on the scene, said that while driving she had to put on her sunglasses because of the glare of the sun.”… 

Time of year for low sun on E/W streets >

Carbondale church-goer killed by neighbor's car | The Times-Tribune

“A 66-year-old woman on her way to church died Tuesday morning in Carbondale after a car driven by her neighbor struck her in a crosswalk.

Elizabeth Ann Tolan, of Green Street, died shortly after the 7:30 a.m. crash on Fallbrook Street, Lackawanna County Chief Deputy Coroner Jesse Van Deusen said. She was walking in the crosswalk on her way to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Police Chief Brian P. Bognatz said. An autopsy is scheduled today.

The driver, 61-year-old Joseph Masco of Hammond Avenue, told police that a sun glare hampered his vision.

Police still are investigating, but the chief said his statement seems to match up.

“The sun would have been directly in his eyes as he came down,” Chief Bognatz said.”… 

Sunglare reminder from the RCMP >

RT Adam MacVicar @AdamMacVic RCMP say time of day played a factor into the collision, and are reminding drivers/pedestrians to pay attention to sun glare on the road.

Sun Glare Blamed In Deadly Collision With Wheelchair | CBS Denver

(credit: CBS)

“Police blame sun glare for a deadly crash that killed a man in a wheelchair in Lakewood on Friday morning.

The collision between the man in a wheelchair and the SUV happened at West 14th and Reed Street.

Investigators said the man in the electric wheelchair was traveling westbound in an eastbound traffic lane.”… 

Sun glare one of the issues >

Middletown fire officials call for changes to intersection | WFSB

Area of Randolph Road and Lee Street in Middletown (WFSB)

“People who live along Randolph Road and Lee Street in Middletown say the area is notorious for accidents.

The fire chief, whose station sits along both roads, says it's downright dangerous; and while there have been calls for changes to the traffic light, one state agency has firmly said no.

Officials said there have been 15 accidents in the last six years, all in the area around Lee Street and Randolph Road, an area near two schools.

Middletown South Fire Chief Rob Ross has been sounding the alarm to get the Department of Transportation to change the flashing signals that are in the area.

“When you look at everything in the intersection, the angle of the side street, the proximity of the firehouse, the various times of year where the sun is either coming up in the morning or setting in the afternoon, I think there are a lot of things in the intersection that make it inherently unsafe,” Ross said.

Firefighters have control of the lights to stop traffic for emergencies, but drivers on Lee Street say they can't clearly see oncoming traffic without jumping into Randolph Road.

Then there's sun glare, which Ross says was a factor in a crash that happened in the area on Aug. 12.

The DOT did investigate the intersection in 2013, taking into account crash data, traffic, among other factors and denied the city’s request.”…

Rising or setting sun blinding your commute? Here's why | via @KIRO7Seattle 

…”The bright sunrises and sunsets have been blinding drivers — making it difficult for some to see during their commute.

KIRO 7 meteorologist Nick Allard explains that as we approach the fall equinox — where night and day are nearly equal in time — the sun is getting lower and lower in the sky each day. This is why drivers going eastbound in the mornings and westbound in the evenings are noticing it.

KIRO 7 News contacted the WSDOT, asking what drivers can do to drive safely when they are on the commute.

Here are the tips they gave:

  • Do not follow the cars in front of you too closely.
  • Have sunglasses. Even on rainy days, during this time of year, rain can go away and the sun can come back and be bright.  
  • Use your sun shade.
  • Most importantly, slow down for conditions. For example, if it’s raining, leave extra distance so you'll have plenty of room to slow down.

For drivers looking for a less shiny commute: Daylight Saving Time ends on Nov. 6, meaning that it will be dark for early evening commuters.”

Low sun coincides with kids walking to school these days >

Girl hit by car near school | via @Q13FOX

“A 12-year-old girl had to be airlifted to the hospital after she was hit by a car Wednesday morning in front of Camelot Elementary School. According to the King County Sheriff's Office, the child suffered serious injuries and was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Few details about the crash were immediately released, but officials said the girl was about 20 to 30 yards away from the crosswalk when she ran across the street. She was on her way to Kilo Middle School when she was hit by a teen driver heading to high school.

King County Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Houck told Q13 News the "driver involved in the accident wasn`t doing anything wrong," and that the driver was not speeding in the school zone nor was she impaired.

However, some people do wonder if the sun's glare played a role in the crash.”

"I leave pretty early and the sun is coming up about that time," said Rebecca Richards who has a student at Camelot Elementary.”…

RT Scott Marshall @SafeDriver Should residential speed limits drop? The government thinks so. Are there pros & cons for this? This explains;

>Great article Scott.

RT CAA @CAA Hazards like pets, sun glare, heavy traffic, and pot holes can cause distracted driving. Learn more here

Hang up, don't bang up!

No citations given for crash caused by blinding sun | The Argus Observer

“A setting sun was the cause of an accident on East Idaho Avenue Thursday evening as vehicles were stopped at stop light.

At 1998 Chevrolet Blazer was traveling west on East Idaho Avenue in the right lane toward the Interstate 84 overpass when driver Timothy Gallagher, 58, of Sandy, was blinded by the sun, according to an Oregon State Police report.

Some vehicles ahead of Gallagher were at a stoplight and Gallagher did not see them stop. He collided into the back of a 2005 Dodge Caravan, driven by Jovanna Vargas, 26, of Ontario, police said. The collision pushed the Caravan into the back of a 2013 Hyundai Elantra driven by Amber Suing, 29, of Payette, the report said.

All parties involved complained of pain, and Vargas was transported to Saint Alphonsus Medical Center-Ontario by Treasure Valley Paramedics for observation, police said.

No citations were issued due to the circumstances. Consistent statements regarding the blinding sun were made by all parties involved in the crash, according to police.”… 

Simple, genius >

To avoid 'doorings' cyclist wants drivers to do the ""Dutch Reach"" via @BostonGlobe @jen_keesmaat

A cyclist makes his way down Route 114 in Salem.

“Michael Charney wants you to do the Dutch Reach.

The 70-year-old retired doctor, who lives in Cambridge, is spearheading a grassroots public information campaign to encourage drivers exiting their vehicles to use their right hands to open their car doors.

Charney claims that by doing so, it forces motorists to turn their bodies, and check their mirrors and look over their shoulder for oncoming cyclists. The method, he said, could help avoid what can often be fatal collisions referred to as “doorings,” or being “doored.””…

>And the Dutch know a thing or two about cycling @BostonGlobe @jen_keesmaat

>This is what a commuter lot looks like in Holland. How many acres needed if cars? @BostonGlobe @jen_keesmaat

>RT Howard Chang @adcycle: Spending time in Amsterdam and Copenhagen gave a glimpse of what we can be

Contrast between sun and shade is extreme these days. Pedestrians, assume drivers can't see you.

Drivers, watch for pedestrians in 'black holes'. Contrast between sun and shade is extreme these days.

Police: Use Caution When Driving Into the Sun | OzarksFirst

“An accident involving three students from Monett sent two girls to the hospital Monday morning. Police said a 16-year-old driver had turned East on Sycamore as the ten and 13-year-olds were crossing the road. Both girls were taken to the hospital but have since been released. The driver was not hurt.

The Monett Chief of Police said this should be a message to drivers because he said the sun is to blame for the accident.

"Almost everybody at some point at some time has been affected by sun blinding if you've been driving for a long time," said Chief George Daoud, Monett Police Department.

Daoud said sun blinding occurs frequently.

"That is when the sun is directly in the eyes of a driver and they cannot see what is going on in front of them for a very far distance," said Daoud.

Daoud said it happens often for a period of 15-20 minutes at a time during sunrise and sunset.

"Fall time of year and springtime is really bad because it's whenever everybody is driving to and from work, to and from school," Daoud said.

He said it can affect everyone.”…

“Daoud suggests adjusting to the environment that's around you and taking your time when the sun is blinding you.

"Through a combined effort of people taking their time during these periods of sunlight that's hitting them in the face and giving a little more space we can all have a more safe commute," said Daoud.

Daoud also suggests taking an alternate route or driving at a different time to avoid sun blinding. If you're unable to he suggests investing in polarized sunglasses to reduce glare, using your sun visor, keeping your windshield clean, and ensuring your windshield has no cracks. Also, he suggests refraining from storing papers or other objects on your dashboard.” 

Scott, do you have any advice for keeping other drivers from filling the gap? @SafeDriver

>RT Scott Marshall @SafeDriver:  @SunPosition Can't really keep someone from coming over, but you can see their movement sooner with these tips;

>Great advice once again Scott.  Thank you @SafeDriver

Drivers beware, time of year again when sun rises/sets along E/W roads >

Blinding sun to blame for Abilene accident, injuries | KTXS

“Abilene Police say a driver of a SUV heading east down North 12th Street was blinded by the rising sun Tuesday morning and ran into a parked pickup truck near the intersection with Grape Street.

The driver of that truck was outside of the vehicle at the time. He was standing between the truck and the flatbed trailer it was connected to, working on the break lights.

The driver of the SUV. says she did not see the truck as she was driving into blinding sunlight, and hit the pickup, which then pinned the driver between the back of the truck and the trailer.”…

Glare of sun causes accident on Windsor Lane | Leader & Times


“Two cars were towed away from Windsor Lane in Liberal as the result of a rollover accident Tuesday morning.

Responders were called to the incident at around 8:22 a.m.

“Emergency responders were dispatched to a rollover accident at the 2000 block of Windsor Lane,” a report from Liberal Police Department Captain Pat McClurg noted. The responding officers located a white 2010 Ford Fusion which had rolled onto the driver’s side,

“Investigating officers determined that the 20-year-old female driver of the Fusion was going east on Windsor Lane when she became blinded by the sun,” the report noted. “The vehicle sideswiped a parked 1998 Dodge Ram pickup, which caused the Fusion to roll onto the driver’s side.”

Both vehicles ended up with disabling damage. No injuries were reported.” 

RT Drop It And Drive @DropItAndDrive 9 Ways to Improve Your Focus Behind the Wheel


“Human error is responsible for the vast majority of vehicle crashes on our roads. While some of these errors are due to irresponsible or reckless driving, many of them are simply due to a lack of attention. When we operate a motor vehicle, we are responsible for the safety of our passengers and all of those who share the road with us. It can be difficult to be cognizant of that fact 100 percent of the time when we are behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, all it takes is a brief moment of distraction before we make a mistake that costs us or someone else dearly.”…

RT Eugenia Ambrozaitis @ReconGeniTPS Math don't lie. As a Recon expert in Court I use relatable terms to describe distances Don't drive distracted

RT KIWA Radio @kiwaradio Drivers: Watch Out For Blinding Sun Straight Ahead

sun solar

“Twice each year, with the arrival of spring and fall, Iowa motorists need to be particularly careful when driving at sunrise and sunset.

Gail Weinholzer with Triple-A-Iowa, says the sun could be blinding during the morning and afternoon commutes for the next few weeks, especially since the sun is lined up almost directly with east-west roads.”…

RT Katia Osokine @KatiaOsokine:  My anecdotal evidence: main cause of downtown rush-hour gridlock is drivers entering the intersection when they can't clear it

>@KatiaOsokine And the inability to turn because of pedestrian traffic.

RT CBC Toronto @CBCToronto 1,083 pedestrians and cyclists have been hit by vehicles since June, urban planner says

>@CBCToronto And that's only in Toronto.

In 112 days, 541 cyclists were hit by vehicles in Toronto.

“An urban planner says Toronto is facing a "public health epidemic," after 1,083 pedestrians and cyclists were struck by cars since June.

Cars hit 542 pedestrians and 541 cyclists over 112 days — an average of nearly 10 collisions a day.

"Regardless of who's at fault, something has to change here," Kyle Miller told CBC's Metro Morning Friday..

Those numbers are higher than for the same time period last year, when cars struck 474 pedestrians and 525 cyclists, according to figures from Toronto police.”…

A factor maybe, but responsible? >

Sun Glare May Have Been Responsible After Teen Struck in Arlington | Patch

Sun Glare May Have Been Responsible After Teen Struck in Arlington: Police

“Intense sun glare may have been to blame after a 15-year-old girl on her way to school was struck by a vehicle, police say.

The girl, who was struck in the 5100 block of Lee Highway, was taken to George Washington University with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. She was in the crosswalk at the time of the accident, which happened at around 7:36 a.m. on Sept. 22”…

RT NRSPP @NRSPPaus Pedestrian safety needs to catch up to technology and put people before cars via @ConversationEDU

“One pedestrian is killed every two days on Australia’s roads, the majority in metropolitan areas. While advances in safety systems and technology over past decades have greatly improved driver and passenger safety, there has been relatively little new technology to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Even current innovations to improve pedestrian safety are still designed from a car-centric approach.

In many places walking is significantly more dangerous than travelling by car, despite mostly separated facilities and slower speeds than any other mode of travel. Worldwide, more than 270,000 pedestrians lose their lives on roads each year – 22% of all road traffic deaths.”…

Worldwide, 270,000+ pedestrians lose their lives each yr - 22% of traffic deaths. via @ConversationEDU

Sun glare reportedly caused truck crash that closed part of U.S. 24 near Peyton | via @csgazette

“The sun got in the eyes of a driver whose cement truck crashed into a cement barrier on U.S. 24 just east of Peyton, spilling about 50 gallons of diesel fuel on the road and causing major delays, Gazette news partner KKTV reported.

The single-vehicle crash near mile marker 322 was reported just after 7 a.m., the Colorado State Patrol said.”…

Cheers, Ralph

Sun/Shade & Urban Development – September 2016

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, and to specific projects with sun/shade issues in particular. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Concern re shadows on Halifax Common >

Massive highrise moves ahead despite city staff recommendations | Global News

“A vote by municipal councillors to move ahead with a 29-storey highrise proposal is being met with mixed reviews.”…

“The proposed 29-storey development is for a mixed use commercial and residential building located at the corner of Quinpool Rd. and Robie St.”…

““When this building first came forward to council for consideration it came at a proposed 22 storeys, and then it came back again at 28 storeys, and then it came back again at 29 storeys,” Watts said.

The development proposal remained at 29 storeys, despite strong public opposition that came forth in hearings and through written submissions to council.

“The open house a year or so ago expressed serious opposition to this building being constructed,” Manos said. “At that time the proposal was for 22 storeys and city staff had hesitation about it and expressed concern about as did as did the residents and concerned citizens who were there.”

The development doesn’t follow current zoning rules and would require amendments to the municipal planning strategy and city bylaws.

A city staff report recommended the building be limited to 20 storeys because the extra nine storeys would be too much for the area.

Council voted against that report.”…

Height reduced due to shadow concerns on the Boston Common >

The shrinking pencil tower | via @BostonGlobe

A skinny tower proposed for Tremont Street across from Boston Common is again shrinking, to the point where it looks more like a ordinary midrise building.

The developers behind 171 Tremont Street are now proposing to build a 12-story building just 175 feet high, about half the height of its original proposal, and roughly as tall as two neighboring buildings.

It was the third time Swiss real estate developer Maurice Dabbah reduced the height of his proposed building, in part because of concerns about the shadows it would cast on the Common.

Subtracting the rooftop mechanical systems, the occupied portion of the building would be now 155 feet high, in line with existing zoning for the property. And it would no longer cast new shadows on the Boston Common.”…

RT Shawn Micallef shawnmicallef:  In the @TorontoStar I've some thoughts on Hotel X & how Toronto's public gem has been treated like rubbish

>@shawnmicallef Not sure it will ""dominate the western Toronto skyline for generations"", but for now it's hard to miss/hide. @TorontoStar

>RT Shawn Micallef @shawnmicallef:  @SunPosition predicting a tornado then?

>@shawnmicallef  Interesting interpretation ha-ha, but not exactly what I was thinking.

Hotel X nears completion on the Exhibition Place grounds, part of a move to bring more convention traffic to the site. It will dominate the western Toronto skyline for generations.

“There was a new, disturbing addition to the Canadian National Exhibition this year, and it wasn’t something concocted in the Food Building. Rather, it was Hotel X. Under construction for a few years now, CNE-goers saw the “urban resort” rising above the midway as it finally nears completion.

The tallest thing on the CNE site at Exhibition Place, it’s impossible to ignore. When an ugly building goes up in the city, we can hope new ones will spring up nearby to obscure it. No chance of that here. Hotel X and its floors of random columns, like the ruins of north Toronto McMansions floating in the sky, will be the dominant canker on Toronto’s western skyline for generations.”…

These are hilarious.  Have a look >>

RT BuzzBuzzHome @BuzzBuzzHome 35 building fails that take shoddy workmanship to a whole new level:

Designing Density in Today's Urban Environments | Multifamily Executive Magazine

A mixed-use apartment complex that consists of 204 units, seven above-grade levels, and three below-grade levels, 1111 Wilshire in Los Angeles contains a 7,000-square-foot retail base, central courtyard, and roof decks. The design, by Nadel Inc., is pedestrian oriented and incorporates a contextual interpretation of contemporary urban fragments. Holland Partners developed the project.

“Innovative urban housing solutions are constantly evolving with the highly competitive nature of the housing marketplace. The critical housing shortage in many of our most dynamic cities, coupled with the ascendancy of urban living, is driving a need for larger, denser and more amenity-rich housing projects. Everyone wants central locations in walkable neighborhoods, but these are complex endeavors, on complex sites, with many stakeholders. These buildings must provide high-quality living environments for the tenants as well as enhance the surrounding neighborhood.

Internally, these projects sometimes contain unorthodox sizes and mixtures of housing units, with trendy amenities packages, in a high-stakes effort to meet and even predict demographic trends. In addition to housing, they often provide restaurant and retail space and sometimes contain offices and hotels.

Externally, due to their importance in shaping the present and future character of their environs, these projects typically receive close scrutiny from all involved (and those indirectly involved).

Urban housing projects are more design-intensive and closely parsed by the public than ever before. The numerous design challenges that must be addressed demand the participation of highly experienced design professionals who thoroughly understand urban housing and are committed to both the success of their clients and the betterment of the community.”…

Buying a condo in Toronto? Here's what you need to know about how much sun your unit will get >

Infographic: Hours of sun per day by time of year and direction window faces:

Too tall, too much shadow >

5 daring (or ridiculous) condos that Toronto never built | via @blogto

rejected condo toronto

rejected condo toronto

rejected condo toronto

rejected condo toronto

rejected condo toronto

Story here -

RT UrbanToronto @Urban_Toronto Project of the Day: @HarhayDev's 75 On The Esplanade, design by @_archAlliance_.

75 on The Esplanade by architectsAlliance for Harhay/Carttera

Proud to be part of this project team!

Shadowing from proposed buildings - how does it affect you?

Homeowners and tenants are often concerned about the impact that shadowing from a proposed house addition next door, or a high-rise down the street, might have on their property.  In many cases, development is deemed good for a neighbourhood and proceeds on that basis.  After all, in an urban setting, development and re-development are to be expected, right?

But how much is too much in your opinion?  How much new shadow can you reasonably be expected to absorb in order for others' projects to proceed/succeed?

This survey asks you when and where sunshine is important to you.  Spring?  Summer?  Fall?  Winter?  Outdoors?  Indoors?  Patio?  Kitchen? etc. etc.  And how much new shadow is too much?  And does a great project, that improves your neighbourhood, increase your tolerance for new shadowing?

Survey >

Simple, genius >

To avoid ‘doorings,’ cyclist wants drivers to do the ‘Dutch Reach’ | via @BostonGlobe @jen_keesmaat

A cyclist makes his way down Route 114 in Salem.

“Michael Charney wants you to do the Dutch Reach.

The 70-year-old retired doctor, who lives in Cambridge, is spearheading a grassroots public information campaign to encourage drivers exiting their vehicles to use their right hands to open their car doors.

Charney claims that by doing so, it forces motorists to turn their bodies, and check their mirrors and look over their shoulder for oncoming cyclists. The method, he said, could help avoid what can often be fatal collisions referred to as “doorings,” or being “doored.””…

>And the Dutch know a thing or two about cycling @BostonGlobe @jen_keesmaat

>This is what a commuter lot looks like in Holland. How many acres needed if cars? @BostonGlobe @jen_keesmaat

>RT Howard Chang @adcycle: Spending time in Amsterdam and Copenhagen gave a glimpse of what we can be

10-tower GardenCity condo community planned by Rogers in Mississauga  | via @buzzbuzzhome

M City Rogers Condos Mississauga

“The Rogers family is more known for putting up cell phone towers than condominiums, but the name behind the Canadian telecom behemoth is vying to make its mark on the Greater Toronto Area’s housing market.

Rogers Real Estate Development Limited, a private holding company the Rogers family owns, is planning to build a 10-tower residential community in Mississauga — and it recently took another step towards this goal, BuzzBuzzNews has learned.

On August 9th, the City approved Rogers Real Estate’s site-plan application to build a temporary sales centre on a 15-acre parcel of downtown Mississauga greenfield, the planner overseeing the file tells BuzzBuzzNews.”…

“The early site map Rogers Real Estate provided to the City outlines plans for what it called GardenCity Mississauga, a 10-tower development on a downtown Mississauga site bounded by Burnhamthorpe Road to the north, Confederation Parkway to the east, Webb Drive to the south, and Pinnacle International’s Grand Park development on the west.

The site in Mississauga, a large suburban city just west of Toronto, is the last remaining parcel of undeveloped land of its size in the area.

Proposed towers range in height from 21 to 30 storeys up to 51 to 60 storeys. Podiums would be three to six storeys high. “The broad range of tower heights at GardenCity will contribute to the visually distinctive and rapidly evolving Mississauga skyline,” text accompanying the map reads. “Towers should be oriented to take advantage of views of City Centre, Lake Ontario, and major open spaces.”

Famme expects the multi-block development’s first phase to be a 51-to-60-storey tower on the southwest corner of Burnhamthorpe Road West and Confederation Parkway.

Rogers approached Toronto developer Urban Capital in 2011 to help with the development process, according to an article in the December 2012 issue of Urban Capital’s company magazine.”…

RT World Class Realty @worldclassrp: Rogers reveals first renderings of its proposed 10-tower GTA residential project


RT Bryan Tuckey @BILDpres: 2016 could be a record year for new high-rise sales in the GTA | @bildgta

1,880 condos were sold in the Toronto area in August of this year.

“In a sure sign that the vertical city is rapidly becoming the vertical region, the sale of new condos in the Toronto area is tracking to pass the level seen in 2011, the year the home building industry came roaring back from the 2008 recession.

There were 1,880 condos sold in August of this year, a typically slow month. That’s about a 74 per cent increase over the same month last year and slightly more than the 1,754 units that sold in August of 2011, according to Altus Group data released Thursday by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD).

There have been 17,949 high-rise sales between January and August this year to date, compared to 17,380 in the same period of 2011. Condo sales are up 31 per cent this year to date over the same period last year.

The soaring highrise numbers come as the supply of new low-rise homes in the region — semis, towns and detached — dwindled to a 10-year low.

The inventory of new low-rise homes was only 1,379 in August, compared to 16,560 in June 2006, when the provincial Growth Plan was introduced. That trend is fuelling price increases, said BILD CEO Bryan Tuckey.”…

RT Bryan Tuckey @BILDpres:  Interesting article by @JohnLorinc in @Spacing about politics and land use planning

“… two of the Liberals’ landmark policy accomplishments – Metrolinx and the Greenbelt/Places to Grow land-use planning regimes for the GTHA – will both become the subject of extensive overhauls at the hands of a Tory government. Both date back to the Dalton McGuinty’s first term in office. Both are well-intentioned but flawed in non-trivial ways. And neither has endured regime change, which, to my mind, is the acid test of sustainable public policy.”…

Read full article -

Cheers, Ralph