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Sun Glare While Driving – June 2017

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

RT Zero Fatalities‏ @ZeroFatalities: TEENS: YOU are the boss of your car. Before you start the car make sure all passengers are buckled up.

> @ZeroFatalities Don't let unbuckled passengers become deadly projectiles.

Recent articles about the dangers of sun glare while driving -

RT @CyclingScience1: Drivers who don't cycle are slowest to spot cyclists on the road and more likely to hit them. See

Cover image

RT @IIHS_autosafety: With poor headlights on a dark road, a driver can't brake in time to avoid a collision above 35 mph.

Video -

Driving with Limited Visibility: What You Can Do to Avoid A Crash | Top Driver

“When dealing with limited visibility, the first rule is that you only drive when you must. If you can avoid driving in fog, rain, night-time or other conditions that limit your visibility, you will reduce the risk of becoming involved in a crash. Here’s what you need to know about driving with limited visibility and solutions to reach your destination safely:

  1. Dirty windows. Clean before starting a trip (inside & outside). Keep the windshield washer fluid reservoir full.
  1. Objects inside vehicle that create blind spots. Keep cargo and other objects low. Hang clothes in rear on driver’s side.
  1. Frost or ice on windows. Use defroster before beginning trip.
  1. Fog, rain, blowing snow. Wait in a safe area for conditions to improve. Reduce your speed, increase your following distance. Use your headlights, or hazard lights if speed is more than 15 miles below posted limit.
  1. Standing water sprayed onto windshield. Try to anticipate, stay calm, hold wheel firmly, avoid braking.
  1. Snow on vehicle. Clear all snow and ice from windows, lights, mirrors, hood and roof.
  1. Low light/night driving. Use headlights, reduce speed, dim dash lights.
  1. Shadows. Increase scanning, reduce speed.
  1. Bright sun/glare. Use sunglasses, visor.
  1. Oversized vehicles. Maintain cushion of safety, increase following distance, approach carefully.

There are times when you cannot control your driving conditions. If you find yourself in a situation of limited visibility, avoid driving if possible. But in a circumstance when you must drive, use these tips to drive with limited visibility and safely reach your destination.”

Cab driver blames 'glare of sun' for causing OAP death | BBC News

James Buchanan

“A taxi driver killed an 89 year-old man after failing to spot him due to glare of the sun.

James Buchanan struck the shopping trolley pulled by David McQuiston, knocking the pensioner to the ground.

Mr McQuiston died two months later after never fully recovering from the collision in Dunoon, Argyll and Bute.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Buchanan - a cab driver for 18 years - admitted a charge of causing death by careless driving.

The court heard that Mr McQuiston was returning home from visiting his wife, who had dementia, at the time of the accident in January 2015.

Prosecutor Tim Niven Smith said "the sun was low in the sky" with its brightness "reducing visibility" for motorists.”…

One Killed, ID'd In SR-79 Crash Near Temecula:

Driver Was Blinded By Sun Glare, CHP Says | Temecula Patch

One Killed, ID'd In SR-79 Crash Near Temecula: Driver Was Blinded By Sun Glare, CHP Says“One person is dead and two others are hospitalized with major injuries following a crash near Temecula Wednesday night, the Riverside County Fire Department and California Highway Patrol report. A total of 10 people were involved in the four-car pileup which apparently happened after a man says he was blinded by the sun and swerved out of his lane.”…

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Sun/Shade & Urban Development – June 2017

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, and to specific projects with sun/shade issues in particular. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

RT @petergoffin: Toronto is worried highrises will cram our neighbourhoods. But should we be afraid of a dense city?

Is ‘density’ a dirty word in a growing Toronto? | via @TorontoStar

Photo published for Is ‘density’ a dirty word in a growing Toronto? | Toronto Star

“Over the past five years, Toronto has added more residents than almost any other city in Canada, and older communities are feeling the growing pains.

In the High Park neighbourhood, dozens of lawns are dotted with plastic signs reading “Say No to Double Density” — a reference to a pair of development proposals which could add six midrise and highrise towers, with a total of over 1,700 apartments, to a two-block area nearby.

These new constructions would fit in between a handful of rental apartment buildings already on the properties, roughly doubling the number of residential units in the two blocks.

“One of the biggest concerns is losing the character of the neighbourhood,” said Cathy Brown, who lives in a mid-century building on one of the proposed development sites.

“Right now you can walk through, it’s peaceful, it’s relatively quiet,” added Brown, who co-chairs High Park Community Alliance, the local resident group fighting the developments.

The new buildings would create more traffic, overcrowd local schools, jam up High Park and Keele subway stations, limit public recreation space, worsen wind tunnels and literally cast a long shadow across the neighbourhood, say Brown and other community members.”… 

Recent articles about the role of sun and shade in urban development -

Toronto condos

Behind closed doors, the right deal gets made on a skyscraper | Boston Globe

A rendering of Millennium Partners' proposal for the site of the Winthrop Square Garage.

“As the highly-charged controversy over the Winthrop Square tower nears resolution through old-school, closed-door negotiations at the State House, I have to believe Bill Bulger is somewhere smiling.

Few remember that the legendary former Senate president is the chief architect of the environmental protection laws now being cast aside to allow construction of a 775-foot skyscraper on the site of a dilapidated, now shuttered city parking garage.”… 

“Relatively late in the process, the city became aware that the project stood to violate two state laws that regulate the shadows that can be cast by development in parts of downtown. Proponents of the deal pointed to tens of millions of dollars earmarked for improvements to the Common and Franklin Park, as well as money to refurbish public housing in East Boston and South Boston, as good reasons to find a way around the shadow laws.

Opponents saw a sweetheart deal for a developer and a nasty precedent for others willing to pay the city enough to circumvent the law.”…

BPDA Board Approves New Residential Tower in Bay Village | Boston Sun

“After much debate between residents of the Bay Village, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) board approved the 199-foot, mix-use building at 212-222 Stuart Street with a unanimous vote at the hearing held on Thursday, June 15.”…

““Certain residents did raise a number of concerns throughout the process including height, wind impact, shadow impact and lack of connectivity to the Bay Village neighborhood,” said Mike Rooney the project coordinator for this site from the BPDA. “The proponent responded to these concerns with design changes and mitigation efforts.””…

Last minute hiccup? >

William Galvin seeks pause on shadow law vote | Boston Globe

“It looked like smooth sailing for a bill that would allow more shadow on Boston Common and help clear the way for a new downtown skyscraper. Until Secretary of State William F. Galvin spoke up during a State House hearing Tuesday.

Galvin asked lawmakers to delay for at least two weeks a vote on changing the existing shadow law — until the Massachusetts Historic Commission, which he oversees, has time to study the building’s impact on the Common, Public Garden, and other historic downtown sites.

“This is not something that should be done recklessly,” he said. “It’s a very significant piece of legislation.””…

“Galvin said the Historic Commission hasn’t had time to review shadow impact studies it received late last week. He also said he’s hesitant to undo a law that has protected the historic parks for more than 25 years.”…

High-rise condo plans raise concerns for Miltonians | Inside Halton

High-rise condo towers proposed near Milton GO station

“The word “insane” was on the tip of more than one resident’s tongue at Milton Council Monday evening (June 26) in describing how they feel about plans for three high-rise condo towers near the Milton GO station.

The proposal from Hodero Holdings Ltd. of Oakville calls for a trio of buildings of three different heights - 27 storeys, 29 storeys and 31 storeys – containing about 800 condominium units at the southwest corner of Thompson Road and Drew Centre.”…

“A shadow impact study prepared for the development showed there would be a minimal impact on the surrounding area during the spring and fall equinox…”…

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Miscellaneous “Sun & Shadow” Items – June 2017

The following are miscellaneous sun, shade, solar and solar energy facts and comments. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Our monthly sunrise/sunset tables have been updated.

A few of the samples include:

When will the sun begin setting in Toronto after 9PM?

The sun sets in Toronto after 9 PM beginning June 13th. Ends July 10th.

UV peaks in Toronto between about 1:15 and 1:20 PM in June.

Does UV peak at a certain time of day? See here... Peak UV Times

It must be difficult looking down at this beautiful blue marble knowing that evil and horrific things are going on. @Cmdr_Hadfield

> RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: @SunPosition   I focus on the gracious and the magnificent, the generous and the kind and the hopeful. There's plenty of that, too.

> @Cmdr_Hadfield  Well said. That is a great way to look at it.

Earliest sunrise of the year in Toronto is 5:35 AM on June 15th.

Sunset time in Toronto doesn't change by more than about 3 minutes for the next month. 9:00 to 9:03 PM.

Believe it or not, the sun starts rising later in Toronto starting tomorrow June 16. We're talking seconds mind you.

The sun will be about 125 km north of Hong Kong at the Summer Solstice June 21, 2017, 04:24 UTC (00:24 EDT).

Hard to believe, 10 yrs ago today (June 23, 2007) PM @stephenharper unveiled sundial I designed for Air India Flight 182 Memorial in Toronto.

32 yrs ago today (June 23, 1985) - Air India Flight 182. 'Time Flies / Suns Rise And Shadows Fall /  Let It Pass By / Love Reigns Forever Over All”

Sure, we just had the longest day of the year, but the latest sunset in Toronto is on June 26th. 9:03 PM.

Unique solar event visible across Canada on July 1st. Canada150   1/3

Join fellow Canadians from sea to sea to sea on July 1, 2017, by watching the sun cross the birthplace of Canada. Canada150   2/3

Canada150 Solar Event - For story and local view times see  Please RT.   3/3

Province House

Thought you might be interested in this for Canada150 @shawnmicallef @glynbowerman @adamstiles @AnthonyFarnell

Solar event visible across Canada on July 1st - Canada150 Canada Day

See the sun from coast to coast when it is high noon over Canada's birthplace on Canada150. View times -

All Canada unite on Canada Day to watch sun pass by our birthplace at high noon. Canada150 View times -

Hey Ottawa, at 12:16 PM on Canada Day watch high noon sun pass by Province House, Canada's birthplace. Canada150 @canada150th @CBCOttawa

Hey Ottawa, see the sun reach its peak over Canada's birthplace at 12:16 PM ET on Canada Day. Canada150 @canada150th @CBCOttawa

At 9:16 AM in Vancouver on Canada Day, see the sun at high noon over Canada's birthplace. @canada150th Canada150 @CBCVancouver

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Solar event visible across Canada on July 1st - Canada 150

Join fellow Canadians from sea to sea to sea on July 1, 2017, by watching the sun cross the meridian through Province House, the birthplace of Canada.

ProvinceHousephoto source: Parks Canada

Province House National Historic Site

"The story of Canada as a confederation began in this historic Charlottetown building. In September 1864, Province House was the scene of the first conference on colonial union. Delegates from the colonies of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Canada met in the legislative council chamber to begin discussions, which led to confederation in 1867." (Source: Parks Canada)

Province House, a National Historic Site operated by Parks Canada, is the official birthplace of Canada.  Province House is a Charlottetown landmark.

On July 1, 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday.  At 1:16 PM Atlantic Daylight Time, the sun passes directly over Province House - more specifically, the sun crosses the meridian that runs through it.  Solar Noon.  High Noon.  A spotlight shining over Canada's birthplace that can be seen by Canadians from sea to sea to sea.

Join other Canadians celebrating Canada 150 by observing the sun for a moment as it lines up with Province House.  Let this moment unite us all.

Below are the local times in each of Canada's time zones at which to observe the sun as it
crosses the meridian that runs through Province House on July 1st, 2017. 

Take a moment, have a peek, and know that the sun is marking the spot of Canada's birth.

Local Viewing Times for Solar Noon over Province House

Newfoundland Daylight Time (NDT) 1:46 PM
Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT) 1:16 PM
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 12:16 PM
Central Daylight Time (CDT) 11:16 AM
Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) 10:16 AM
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) 9:16 AM

CanadaSummerTimesZonesmap source: National Research Council Canada

Happy Canada 150 Day!

Cheers, Ralph

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sun Glare While Driving – May 2017

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Off-duty deputy killed in crash involving bus carrying Tesla employees on East Bay Freeway, CHP says | LA Times

“An off-duty Alameda County sheriff’s deputy was killed Friday morning in a crash involving a Tesla employee bus on an East Bay freeway, authorities said.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed the crash “took the life of our deputy.” He was identified as Sroeuy Khin.

Khin had just gotten off work and was headed home on the eastbound Interstate 580 near Tracy in Alameda County, said Officer Derek Reed, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.

Khin, who was driving a Volkswagen Beetle, was stopped for an unknown reason in a freeway lane near Grant Line Road when the employee tour bus rear-ended the vehicle, he said.

The driver of the tour bus told officers that the sun glare was blinding and he did not see the Volkswagen, Reed said.”…

Blinding Sun Possibly Led To Crash That Killed Alameda County Deputy | via @mariaCBS5

Crashes block roads in Plymouth as sun dazzles drivers | Plymouth Herald

Low sun glare has caused at least one accident in Plymouth

“There have been two crashes in Plymouth already this morning, with police saying at least one has been caused by the glare from the low morning sun.

A collision at 6.45am has had left Old Laira Road partially blocked, close to Riga Terrace.

Police have said this accident was caused by low sun glare and a car has hit a traffic island.”…

Sun glare believed to be factor >

Serious accident involving motorcycle on 490 West Tuesday evening | Rochester First

Serious accident involving motorcycle on I490 West

“A serious accident on I490 West at the Goodman Street exit ramp sent a motorcyclist to the hospital with serious injuries Tuesday evening.

State Police say Charles Campbell, 56, of Pittsford, failed to stop for traffic ahead of him. Police say he drove his 2015 Harley Davidson into the Nissan Altima ahead of him. Police say the Altima was slowing on the exit ramp when Campbell rear-ended the vehicle.

Campbell was ejected from his motorcycle, which caused him to strike an SUV that was stopped ahead of the Altima. He was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital with serious injuries.

The operators of the other vehicles were not injured, and no charges will be filed against any of the involved operators.

Police say they believe sun glare may have been a contributing factor in the accident.”

Cheers, Ralph

Sun/Shade & Urban Development – May 2017

The following relate to urban development and urban design in general, and to specific projects with sun/shade issues in particular. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

How To Center Urban Design Around the Sun | CityLab

“Our lives may revolve around the sun—quite literally—but the same can’t be said for urban design.

Cities have always reflected societal values; they are a physical reminder of our shared history—from the privileged space offered to churches in medieval towns to the democratic ideals embodied in Philadelphia’s grid. However, in an increasingly data-driven world, urban designers can now augment traditional approaches with analytical research. This approach is well-established in other fields, and we have seen complex analytics used to understand the impact of environmental factors on retail design, building performance, and health care. Urban designers have only recently started to use these tools, and we can learn a great deal by applying them to the design of sunlight in our public spaces.

Laws to protect access to sunlight date back to Vitruvius, and contemporary versions exist in cities from New York City to London to San Francisco. Ensuring access to sunlight in key public places protects an integral part of what makes these landmark parks and plazas so popular. But as cities grow increasingly dense, access to sunlight becomes a precious commodity.

Many municipalities require that architects prepare shadow impact studies that quantify the impacts of a proposed development on the immediate surroundings. This approach places the emphasis on shadows, rather than on the displaced sunlight. An approach focused on shadows seems counter-intuitive if our goal is to create public spaces that enjoy generous amounts of sunlight. A much better approach would prioritize sunlight and require a process that quantifies and defines the light. By making sunlight the literal “object” of our discussions, designers can then focus on the specific qualities of sunlight, its impact on human behavior, well-being and performance in the urban environment.”…

“Our streets and public spaces public spaces lie at the heart of our daily lives and deserve the same attention given to our homes, work places, schools and hospitals. Sunlight is a key element in shaping the design of public spaces.”…

Toronto C of A appeals no longer go to OMB, but to Local Appeal Body | City of Toronto

“What does this mean?

Starting May 3, 2017, most appeals from the Toronto Committee of Adjustment will go to the Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) instead of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).   See below for details.

What happens to Committee of Adjustment Appeals starting May 3, 2017?

All appeals are still to be filed with the Manager & Deputy-Secretary Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment and must be filed within the appeal period on the Notice of Decision.

Appeals filed before May 3, 2017 will stay with the OMB.

Appeals filed on or after May 3, 2017 will go to the TLAB unless:

  • the decision was already appealed before May 3, 2017; or
  • there is a related appeal to the OMB for the same matter. A related appeal is an appeal under section 114 of the City of Toronto Act, under sections 17, 22, 34, 36, 38, 41 or 51 of the Planning Act or under a regulation made under section 70.2 of the Planning Act.”…

RT @NewHomeBuyers: New appeal body replaces OMB, sort of... | Toronto Star

Toronto condos

“The City of Toronto this week announced it had established an independent appeal body to “provide quick and efficient hearings on appeals of land use decisions made by the Committee of Adjustment” — and in doing so, replaced the much-maligned Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) in matters of minor variance and consent.

The Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) will, as of May 3rd, bring local planning appeals back to the city. Its members “live in Toronto and understand Toronto’s unique character and communities,” according to Councillor David Shiner (Ward 24 Willowdale) in a release.”…

RT Mike CollinsWilliams‏ @mikejcw: Residents to be blocked from challenging devs within 500m of transit stations under reforms to OMB | Globe & Mail

> @mikejcw Do you see this leading to a "wild west" of development within the 1km wide strip along transit lines?

> RT Mike CollinsWilliams‏ @mikejcw: @sunposition No.

The Globe and Mail

“Residents would be blocked from challenging developments within 500 metres of transit stations under sweeping reforms to the Ontario Municipal Board to be unveiled next week.

The provision, revealed to The Globe and Mail by government sources, would allow municipalities to bar challenges to approved developments near GO Transit, subway or light-rail stations in order to support the goal of boosting density near transit lines.

But it is expected to alarm some neighbourhood associations, particularly in Toronto, where developers are eager to build increasingly tall condominium towers – and where residents have resisted such efforts near transit.”…

“Tower with waist” by MVRDV minimises building shadow cast | Architecture And Design

“Dutch architects MVRDV have demonstrated a unique way to minimise the shadow impact of a building on its neighbours in Vienna, Austria.

The Rotterdam-based firm are winners of a two-stage, BAI-backed competition for a new tower near Vienna’s world famous Gasometers and their concept, “Turm mit Taille” (Tower with Waist) was shaped so as to minimise the effect of the building’s shadow cast on its neighbours.

The brief originally restricted the allowable construction to a height of 75 metres, however in proposing a more compact square layout MVRDV were granted added height concessions and the building will now reach 110 metres.

The first ten floors are parametrically shaped into a twist to minimise the structure’s shadow cast onto the neighbouring facades to only two hours a day.”…

SF apartment project faces delay for casting shadow on park | via @SFGate

“It was a showdown between badly needed housing and precious open space on South of Market’s hardscrabble Sixth Street.

And on Thursday, open space won out — at least for now.

In a rare decision, the Planning and Recreation and Park commissions forced the developer of a proposed 84-unit apartment complex at 301 Sixth St. to redesign the project after residents and community advocates complained that the 82-foot-high building would cast a shadow on the Gene Friend Recreation Center.”…

A Tiny Park Fights for Sunlight Among New York City Skyscrapers | New York Times

“New Yorkers have to elbow their way onto packed subways below ground. They have to eke out room on teeming sidewalks and streets just to get anywhere.

And in a city where no space can be taken for granted, increasingly they have to fight for the very light and air above their heads.

A city plan to rezone the heart of Manhattan has touched off a new campaign to protect the afternoon light falling on a beloved park that offers honey locust trees, azaleas, pansies and a 25-foot-high waterfall. It is a lush oasis in a neighborhood starved for green space.

The foundation that runs the park, on East 51st Street between Second and Third Avenues, says the rezoning would allow taller buildings that could block its afternoon sun, endangering the plant life and making the spot colder, darker and far less inviting. This patch of greenery — known as Greenacre Park, a 1971 gift from a granddaughter of the industrialist John D. Rockefeller Sr. — is at the center of a brewing battle between light and darkness as the city grows ever more vertical.”…

How do we preserve the Distillery District but still make it livable? | via @torontostar

Pedesrians walk through the Distillery District with a condo tower seen in the background. Three new high rise condos are proposed for the heritage district, rankling many local residents.

“Three proposed condo buildings in the Distillery District are rankling residents and raising questions about what kind of development is appropriate for the national historic site.

Some locals say the proposals will increase congestion and hide the district’s marquee squares in shadow.

But the architects for Cityscape, the developer on two of the projects, say the development is needed to continue revitalizing and preserving some of the city’s most important heritage resources.”…

“The other major concern residents have is the shadows that would be cast by the proposed towers. As Brewer points out, one of the big draws to the Distillery District is the sunlight the area’s squares and laneways get in the summer.

Adding a 49-storey tower at 31a Parliament will drastically reduce that sunlight, Brewer said.

“It would shade Trinity Square which is the main feature at this national historic site,” he said.

A shadow study presented at an Ontario Municipal Board hearing on May 15th showed that at 2 p.m. on June 21, the tower will cast a shadow over about half of Trinity Square. At that time on that day of the year, the sun is near it’s highest in the sky — the further from that day the calendar gets, the longer the shadow cast will be.

But aside from these issues, the developments raise questions about how to balance heritage preservation with density in Toronto.”…

Light wins over shadow in public park battle | via @smh

The Dexus development is on the 2087-square-metre Flinders Street block between the Ernst & Young building at 8 ...

“Light has conquered shadow in a battle over tall buildings overlooking Melbourne's riverside Birrarung Marr park.

Property giant Dexus has failed in a bid to force Planning Minister Richard Wynne to allow an extra 10 floors to be added to a tower it wants to build near the south-east corner of Flinders Street.

Dexus wants to build a 64-storey skyscraper, but the tower will cast a shadow over the park on the north side of the Yarra River.

The company has already gained planning approval from Mr Wynne for two towers on its site.

The tallest, at 54 storeys, was approved because it will not overshadow the park.”

“The decision to limit Dexus' building to 54 storeys was based on city planning rules that state that all new buildings "should not cast additional shadow across Birrarung Marr".”…

Can you sue your neighbour for blocking your solar panels? | via @ABCNews

A modern looking home with a lush garden and solar panels on the roof.

“What are your legal rights if a neighbour decides to build up and block direct sunlight from hitting your solar panels?

It's a problem central Adelaide resident Jo Thomas was forced to confront when she learned a developer had plans to build a four-storey building next door.

Dr Thomas is a medical doctor who lives in a small, medium density development called Christie Walk, which has 27 dwellings and a community garden.

"The emphasis is on nature and people-friendly urban development," she said.

"The plans were for a four-storey, very much box-like construction of apartments, on our boundary.

"The development had a big impact for us. For me personally it was going to throw quite a lot of shadow over my photovoltaic solar collectors and solar hot water system.

"But also for other residents, it was going to dramatically overshadow the community garden."”…

“So what does Dr Thomas's case mean for the rest of the country's solar panel owners? Do they have a right to sunlight without overshadowing?

Peter Clarke, a lawyer with Sydney firm Hones Lawyers, said that under many local government planning guidelines and development controls, there is a requirement that private open living spaces receive a certain amount of direct sunlight per day, with a minimum requirement on the winter solstice, June 21.

"Most jurisdictions require about three hours of sunlight into a private open living space," he told the Law Report after writing an article for Sanctuary magazine.

But the rules around access to sunlight for solar panels are much murkier.

A number of Australian jurisdictions have best practice guidelines and development controls that are set out as objectives.

But in terms of an actual right enshrined in law, nothing of the kind really exists.”…

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Sun Glare While Driving – April 2017

The following relate to the dangers of sun glare while driving, and traffic safety in general. They were derived from our twitter feed @SunPosition

Does daylight saving time increase number of crashes? | The Coloradoan


“If you dislike daylight saving time, you're not alone. And it turns out, science might back you up.

We're all familiar with the dreaded "spring forward" that meant two weeks ago we were an hour short on sleep, and, in many cases driving to work in the dark and driving home straight into a blinding sun glare.

A 2014 study from a researcher at the University of Colorado found the changes in light as well as drivers running on less sleep correlated with higher rates of traffic crashes. That increased risk lasted for the first six days after the spring daylight saving time change.”…

Glare from setting sun blamed for crash that injured a Hawick woman | West Central Tribune

”A Hawick woman was injured in a one-vehicle accident Thursday night on state Highway 23 and County Road 33 near Paynesville.

According to the State Patrol, at around 7:30 p.m. Betty-Jane Povilatis, 36, was driving a 2013 Chevy Equinox west on state Highway 23 when she was blinded by the setting sun and ran off the road.”…

Sun causes multiple car accidents | KHGI


“Two separate car crashes Tuesday morning at approximately the same time, but reportedly, one cause.

According to the Kearney Police Department and scanner reports, the blinding sun was the culprit behind both accidents, one resulting in injury.

A fender bender happened near the intersection on 29th Street and 7th Avenue. Kearney P.D. says the sun blinded a driver, who then rear–ended a vehicle.

The second crash involved multiple cars, near the intersection of 39th Street and 28th Avenue.

According to the scanner, the sun's reflection off glass may have caused the crashed, resulting in injury.”…

> Crashes can be caused by not only direct sun, but by reflected sun as well.

Blinding morning sun blamed in fatal car versus motorcycle accident | via @thevalleynews

The victim's motorcycle lay in the roadway for several hours while officers investigated the fatal collision. John Strangis photo

“A motorcyclist died Wednesday morning, April 12, after he was struck from behind by a driver who said she had not seen the motorcycle before smashing into it. The driver told investigating officers she had been temporarily blinded by the morning sunlight and never saw the motorcyclist prior to the impact.”…

Police: Sun glare a factor in crash that killed woman on Quinnipiac St. in Wallingford | via @FOX61News

“A woman was killed Monday morning after she was hit by a car in Wallingford.”…

“Police said the driver of the car stayed on scene and that sun glare was a factor in the fatal accident.”…

Glare forced planes to change formation before fatal crash, report says | WKMG

“A sun glare forced a change in formation moments before two planes collided in midair on April 1 in Edgewater, according to a the National Transportation Safety Board.

The NTSB released a preliminary report on Tuesday detailing the crash that left Cessna pilot Gary Somerton, 57, and Grumman pilot Anne Edmonson, 66, dead.

Five pilots left Spruce Creek Airport in Daytona Beach at 8:39 a.m. to go to the Arthun Dunn Aiport in Titusville to attend a monthly breakfast event. They formed a V shape, but then the flight leader suggested a change in formation because of a glare.

"Due to the position of the sun, the flight leader decided to change to a left echelon formation where the airplanes would be arranged diagonally, to his left, with each airplane being stacked slightly low, behind, and to the left of the airplane ahead. This arrangement allowed the pilots to avoid the sun glare," the report read.

The collision happened as the planes were changing formation.”…

Drive with extra caution in Toronto for first hour after sunrise for next week or so as sun lines up with eastbound streets.

Oh my!

Interesting articles about the role of sun glare in traffic safety

RT @suesgambati: Congratulations on your achievement @ProjectCRASH16  to promote safe driving @georgiancollege @Clarke4Orillia

Media preview

> @PCArsenault @ProjectCRASH16 @PCPappy @suesgambati @georgiancollege Great initiative @ProjectCRASH16

Detroit Ranked #1 in Pedestrian Fatality Accidents | The Michigan Law Firm

Walking Car Accident Lawyer

“Citizens of Detroit, Michigan have many gripes about the city including construction, decay, and of course traffic. While, the city itself is going though some improvements, citizens still have every right to be upset about traffic however, as the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association (NHTSA) just issued a report showing that Detroit has the highest pedestrian fatality rate per 100,000 population. In fact, the NHTSA calculates that in 2015 alone, 5,376 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes - that’s the highest it’s been since 1996.”…

Cheers, Ralph